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Rachatapong Malithong

Thesis: News from Burmah: the Role of the English Press in the Making of the British Empire in Burma.

My research focuses on the role of the English newspapers in conveying news and information about the British imperial expansion in Burma to their readership in Britain and British India as well. The opinion of the press on the Burmese question and whether their report could have an impact to the Government’s imperial policy will be a main issue of the thesis. The study will also investigate the relations between the press and the mercantile communities and how newspapers acted as a mouthpiece for the economic interests in Burma. And as my research covers the period between the 1850s and the conquest of Burma in the 1880s, I will examine how the development in the communication system, especially the introduction of the telegraph, changed the way the papers operated their imperial news-reporting. Online British newspapers archives and the Anglo-Indian newspapers collection at the British Library are the main sources of the study. The official papers and privates papers of the Government and the commercial enterprises will also be consulted.


Expected submission date

  • 2017/18

Research interests

Burma, Imperialism, British Empire, Newspapers, and Telegraph.

Additional information

I completed my BA in History from Silpakorn University, Thailand, in 2013 before receiving a Thai Government’s scholarship to study in Master’s and PhD in European History. I had finished my MA in Modern History at the University of Kent in 2014; and moved to Manchester in January 2015 after I got accepted to study in the PhD program. European history and Southeast Asian history, mainland - to be precise, are what I am interested in.

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