Ria Sunga

Thesis: The History, Experience and Commemoration of Refugees and Asylum-Seekers in the Philippines in the 20th Century

My research will analyse the role of the Philippines within the realm of forced displacement in the twentieth century, focusing on socio-political aspects and their effect on the collective memory of Filipinos today. This topic is an entirely new approach to Philippine history in the twentieth century, which has been dominated by issues of Philippine identity and sovereignty. I shall establish to what extent the Philippines was a pioneer in responding to refugee situations and to what extent it followed the example of other countries. My approach is informed by social science theory and methods (particularly inter-disciplinary refugee studies).


Additional information

I did my BA in Classical Studies at King's College London, then pursued my Master of Studies in the University of Oxford focusing on Late Antique and Byzantine Studies. With a general interest in history, I chose to pursue my research on forced displacement of the twentieth century.

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Email: theresemarie.sunga@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk