Louise Clare

Thesis: Transnational and Cultural Comparisons of those involved in the Falklands War.

This project will investigate in detail not only how the media reflected but also influenced the motivations of the governments and personalities involved in the run-up to and during the conflict, also analysing the manner in which the different cultural perceptions impinged on the media coverage and its differing effects.

The original aspect of my work will be to determine to what extent the governments were in thrall to popular opinion as manipulated by the media and who or what was pulling the strings. The fact that the Spanish language sources have as yet not been investigated fully in this respect adds to the originality of my project. A further important aspect of media coverage I intend to examine was the extent to which the media, being itself a child of the culture, actually provoked the opposite effect to that desired.


Research interests

British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, Argentine President, General Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri Castelli, US President Ronald Reagan, The Falkland Islands, US-Latin American relations, the 'Special Relationship', foreign policy, and the Cold War.

Additional information

I completed both my BA and MA at the University of Liverpool, and PGCE at the University of Chester. I am currently a PhD candidate at The University of Manchester.

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