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Jacob Bloomfield

Thesis: Heroines, Queens, Goddesses and Glamazons: Theatrical Male Cross-Dressing Performance in 20th Century London.

My research focuses on male cross-dressing performance in London between 1930 and 1970. This will include an analysis of the end of the music hall period, all-male veterans’ cross dressing comedy revues which were borne out of wartime concert parties, and the beginnings of ‘glamour drag’ as popularised by performers such as Danny La Rue. Some key issues addressed in my research will be how male cross-dressing performance changed across this period, how male cross-dressing performance was received by the wider public, what ramifications this kind of performance had on the leisure economy in London, and what/who the major performances, venues, and performers were. I will also draw upon the work of various gender theorists such as Judith Butler who often use cross-dressing as an example of ‘gender performativity’ but rarely use specific historical examples to reinforce or challenge these theories.


Expected submission date

  • Summer 2016

Research interests

Cultural History, Gender History, History of Sexuality, Queer History and Theatre History.

I am originally from Brooklyn, NY but came to the UK to do my undergrad and Master’s degree at The University of Edinburgh. I’ve been a PhD student at Manchester since September 2013. In my spare time I enjoy performing, a good cocktail, and watching films.

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