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English Literature and Creative Writing

The Byron Network

The Byron Network at The University of Manchester is devoted to the study of all aspects of Lord Byron's life, writings, times, worldwide reception and international influence.

The network is interdisciplinary in approach and international in scope, currently offering study opportunities at MA and PhD level in the fields of English, Italian, German and Russian literature, nineteenth-century European music and nineteenth-century British / European art.

Manchester Byron Archive

Lord Byron
Lord Byron, born George Gordon Byron on 22 January 1788, London.

An important part of The Byron Network is the Manchester Byron Archive at The John Rylands Library in Deansgate.

This is a substantial repository of material relating to Byron, particularly to his worldwide reception in the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

It currently holds items from England, Europe, the Far East and Australia, and includes the papers of Megan Boyes and the library and papers of Andrew Nicholson.

Postgraduate study

The Byron Network offers a wide range of opportunities at MA and PhD level to study Byron’s life, writings, times and international significance within the departments of Art History, English Literature and Creative Writing, Italian, German, Music and Russian.

Courses and supervision are available in the following areas, though we welcome proposals on other topics too:

  • Byron's life and poetry,
  • Byron and European Byronism,
  • Byron and any aspect of nineteenth-century Germany / Italy / Russia,
  • Byron and British / European Art,
  • Byron's Poetry in song and instrumental music,
  • Operatic and theatrical adaptations of Byron’s works,
  • Images of Byron in music history,
  • Byron's influence on individual nineteenth-century composers, writers, artists, thinkers, politicians,
  • Byron and European politics.

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The Byron Network normally hosts an international conference in December.

For further information contact the Network's Director, Dr Alan Rawes:

Past event - Byron and Italy

Byron and Italy

4-5 December 2014 

The Byron Network at the University of Manchester, in collaboration with the Centro Interuniversitario per lo Studio del Romanticismo at the University of Parma, invited paper proposals for an interdisciplinary conference on the topic of 'Byron and Italy', which was held at the University of Manchester, 4 - 5 December 2014.

Papers were welcomed from any disciplinary perspective that opened up new approaches to, or offered new insights into, any aspect of the conference theme, including, for example:

  • Byron and the Italian poets (Dante, Tasso, Ariosto, Pulci, Casti...);
  • Byron and Alfieri;
  • Byron and Rome / Venice / Ravenna / Pisa / Milan …;
  • Byron and the idea of Italy;
  • Byron and Italian landscapes / cityscapes;
  • Byron's (self-) Italianisation;
  • Byron's relationships with Italians;
  • Byron and Catholicism;
  • Byron and the Carbonari / the Risorgimento / Italy as a nation;
  • Byron and the Austrians in Italy;
  • Byron and Italian art;
  • Byron and Italian history;
  • Byron and the dialectics of Italian antiquity and modernity;
  • Byron's relation to other British / continental writers on Italy;
  • Byron's Italianised relations with Britain;
  • Byron and the Italian language;
  • Byron's influence on Italian culture.