The following members of academic staff supervise drama postgraduate research students on our programmes.

Please get in touch with the staff below if you would be interested in pursuing a research topic that aligns with their interests.

Steve Bottoms

Contemporary playwriting and dramaturgy, site-specific performance, theatre and ecology / environment, live / performance art, applied theatre.

Steve Bottoms research profile

David Butler

Film music, film noir, ideology in film, film and history, literary adaptations, fantasy and science fiction cinema / television, and the absurd and grotesque on screen, practice-based research on speech and sound projects.

David Butler research profile

Felicia Chan

Cross-cultural, transnational and 'world' cinemas, film festival cultures, culture and technology, theories of intertextuality, diaspora and identity politics, and modernism and modernity in film, literature and culture.

Felicia Chan research profile

Rachel Clements

Contemporary theatre practice, and in particular, British playwriting; dramaturgy; documentary theatre; feminist practice; and the relationships between performance and politics, and performance and philosophy.

Rachel Clements research profile

Maggie Gale

Theatre history and historiography, gender and representation in theatre and performance, solo women performers, autobiography and performance, JB Priestley, and twentieth century British theatre, especially British drama of the mid-20th century.

Maggie Gale research profile

Jenny Hughes

Applied theatre, theatre in states of emergency and crisis (poverty, war, terrorism), theatres in the Middle East, research and evaluation methodologies in applied theatre, theatres of protest, politics of performance, performance and philosophy.

Jenny Hughes research profile

Alison Jeffers

Applied theatre practice and research methodologies, participatory theatre with refugees, community arts history and practice, performances of citizenship and belonging, storytelling in performance, documentary and verbatim theatre, new performance, especially devised, physical and new writing.

Alison Jeffers research profile

Victoria Lowe

Twentieth century British stage and screen history, stage to screen adaptation, intermediality, screen production, theories and practices of stage and screen performance, voice and screen, and contemporary British cinema.

Victoria Lowe research profile

Simon Parry

Theatre and drama within formal and non-formal education; engagements between performance and science including in theatre, education, popular performance, healthcare and activism; policy developments in arts education; the politics of arts management practices.

Simon Parry research profile

Johannes Sjöberg

Documentary film genre; screen practice as research; authenticity and subjectivity in documentary films; ethnographic film and visual anthropology; and crossovers between applied theatre and participatory video.

Johannes Sjöberg research profile

James Thompson

Prison theatre, theatre and development, and theatre in places of conflict; theatre, performance and humanitarianism.

James Thompson research profile