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Classics and Ancient History

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Why study here?

Influential, forward-thinking and down-to-earth - we’ll give you an unforgettable university experience rooted in rich academic heritage.

Study Classics and Ancient History at the University of Manchester and you'll have a truly multidisciplinary learning experience.

You’ll be taught by experts in the core aspects of Greek and Roman history, culture, language and literature. Choose from course units in diverse topics ranging from storytelling in Ancient Rome to slavery in Ancient Greece, from love poetry to exile literature, from Greek politics to tragic drama. 


  • Enjoy one of the largest and liveliest centres for the study of the classical world in the UK.
  • Access to the unique special collections of the John Rylands Library.
  • Explore the rich holdings of the Manchester Museum, including material specific to ancient history.
  • Expertise in specialist fields, including epigraphy, ancient medicine and linguistics.
  • Take independent study units and conduct research on topics of your choice.
  • Continue your study with our flexible MA course, which reflects the broad, multidisciplinary nature of the subject area.
  • Become the best you can be by participating in Stellify for true personal and professional growth.

Careers and employability

Study Classics and Ancient History at Manchester and you will develop a range of transferable skills that will be useful for many industries and roles. 

The University of Manchester is also the most targeted university in the UK for top graduate employers, according to High Fliers Research.

Find out more on the Careers and employability page.

Experience Classics and Ancient History at Manchester

Watch the videos below to find out more about the opportunities open to you as a Classics and Ancient History student at Manchester, both in and beyond the University.


    I made Ancient History at Manchester my first choice, simply because I loved studying history, but I had no idea where that choice might lead me. A degree in Ancient History really can lead you anywhere - in my case, China.

    Mark Lane / BA (Hons) Ancient History alumnus