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Classics and Ancient History

Man working at desk in the John Rylands library

Current PhD students

  • Isabel Black – ‘Practical Magic: Making and Using Magical Objects in Rituals in Late Antique Egypt’ (supervised by Dr Roberta Mazza and Dr Todd Klutz).
  • Lisa Brunet – ‘Grandparents in the Roman Empire’ (supervised by Professor Christian Laes).
  • James Burns – ‘A Psychological Analysis of the Manipular Legionary and his Motivations for Combat' (supervised by Dr Andy Fear and Dr Ina Berg).
  • Serena Cammoranesi – ‘A Comprehensive Study of Cicero's Epistulae ad familiares’ (supervised by Professor Roy Gibson and Dr Ruth Morello).
  • Laura Chambers – ‘Exemplarity in Early Imperial Rome: Gendered Usability and Literary Constructions of Female Exempla’ (supervised by Dr Ruth Morello and Professor Roy Gibson).
  • Despoina Christou – ‘A Commentary on Ovid's Fasti, Book 5, v. 1- 378.’ (supervised by Professor Roy Gibson and Dr Andrew Morrison).
  • Thomas Clements – ‘Lakedaimon: Social Relations and Political Integrity in the Southern Peloponnese’ (supervised by Professor Stephen Todd and Dr Polly Low).
  • Matteo Dessimone Pallavera – ‘Theory and Practice of Landscape Ekphrasis in Lucan's Pharsalia’ (supervised by Professor Alison Sharrock and Professor Roy Gibson).
  • Silvannen Gerrard – ‘The Cavalry of the Seleucid Empire and its "Exotic" Supplements: Cultural Interactions in Hellenistic Warfare’ (supervised by Dr Andy Fear and Dr Polly Low).
  • Roxana Gregor-Som – ‘Landowners and Tenants in Byzantine Hermopolis' (supervised by Dr Roberta Mazza).
  • Matthew Ingham – ‘Women of the Codex Justinianus’ (supervised by Dr Roberta Mazza and Dr April Pudsey).
  • Kathleen Lagorio – ‘Alexander and the Macedonian Army in India’ (supervised by Dr Andy Fear and Dr Peter Morton).
  • Katharine Mawford – ‘Changing Shapes and Fluid Forms: Ambiguous and Artificial Bodies in Greek Literature’ (supervised by Dr Andrew Morrison and Professor Alison Sharrock).