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Classics and Ancient History

Talks for schools

We are happy to offer talks to schools, whether about the study of Classics and Ancient History in general, or about particular topics in Greek and Latin literature, Greek and Roman history, and Greek and Latin language.

We can offer talks closely related to OCR specifications in Ancient History, Classical Civilisation, Greek and Latin: we aim to support both teachers and learners at A-level, AS, GCSE or earlier Key Stages in their study of classical subjects. Moreover, we are always happy to offer talks which give a general introduction to or overview of studying Classics, Classical Studies and Ancient History, at school and at university.  

If you are interested in arranging for one of our members of staff to come and give a talk at your school, please contact (in the first instance) our Admissions Officer, Dr Mary Beagon.

Classics clips - watch our videos

Do you want to find out more about the latest ideas and debates in Classics and Ancient History? In these short videos, researchers from The University of Manchester discuss some of the key questions in their field - and suggest some answers:


    Talk topics

    We also offer talks to schools on numerous subjects including the following. None (except the two marked *) assumes any knowledge of Latin or Greek. All talks are designed to last 45 minutes but can be made longer or shorter. They are aimed at A-Level students but could be modified for KS3 or KS4.

    Ancient History and Classical Civilisation

    Greek topics

    • Getting to know Socrates - Dr Jenny Bryan
    • Magical objects in Greek myth - Dr Emma Griffiths
    • The uses of Greek Inscriptions - Dr Peter Liddel
    • Ancient and Modern Debates about Democracy - Dr Peter Liddel
    • Political Spaces in Classical Athens - Dr Peter Liddel
    • Commemorating the war dead in Ancient Greece - Dr Polly Low
    • War and death in Classical Sparta - Dr Polly Low

    Roman topics

    • Was Seneca really a Stoic? - Dr Jenny Bryan
    • Blood and Sand - gladiators in antiquity - Dr Andy Fear
    • Apocalypse Now: Boadicea's uprising - Dr Andy Fear
    • Agricola: a Roman superhero - Dr Andy Fear
    • A day at the races: chariot racing in antiquity - Dr Andy Fear
    • The Edge of Civilisation: Hadrian's Wall - Dr Andy Fear
    • Polybius on the rise of Rome and how to write history- Prof David Langslow
    • Practical Magic: Cursing a Thief in Roman Britain - Stuart McKie
    • Pax Augusta or triumphant imperator? Reading Augustus’ image in Rome’s monuments - Dr Peter Morton
    • The Gracchi, Rome and Italy: what problem were they trying to solve? - Dr Peter Morton

    Greece and Rome

    • Egypt in the Graeco-Roman World - Dr Roberta Mazza
    • Everyday writing from a Roman province: Greek and Latin papyri from Egypt in the John Rylands Library collection - Dr Roberta Mazza
    • Character assassination in the ancient world: Diodorus Siculus and the wonder-working slave-king Eunus - Dr Peter Morton
    • Classics and Islam - Prof Peter Pormann
    • How to write a letter in ancient Greece and Rome - Dr Antonia Sarri

    Classical Literature

    Greek literature

    • Odysseus and Agamemnon - Prof David Langslow
    • Patterns in Homer - Prof David Langslow
    • Babies in Greek Tragedy - Dr Emma Griffiths
    • Deathless Glory: heroism in the Iliad and Odyssey - Dr Andrew Morrison
    • Directed by Homer: Homer and the poetry of seeing - Dr Andrew Morrison
    • War Music: Christopher Logue as a Hellenistic poet - Dr Andrew Morrison

    Latin literature

    • Catullus the love poet - Prof Roy Gibson
    • Ovid the love poet - Prof Roy Gibson
    • Playing with Ovid - Prof Alison Sharrock

    Ancient Languages and Society

    • How many languages are there in the world? - Prof David Langslow
    • Latin and the other languages of pre-Roman Italy - Prof David Langslow
    • What is Indo-European? And how do we know? - Prof David Langslow
    • The pronunciation of classical Greek - Prof David Langslow (*)
    • The pronunciation of classical Latin - Prof David Langslow (*)
    • Everyday writing from a Roman province: Greek and Latin papyri from Egypt in the John Rylands Library collection - Dr Roberta Mazza
    • How to write a letter in ancient Greece and Rome - Dr Antonia Sarri

    Contact us

    In the first instance, please contact our Admissions Officer:

    Dr Mary Beagon
    Classics and Ancient History
    The University of Manchester
    Oxford Road
    M13 9PL

    Tel: 0161 275 3091