Janelle Hixon

Looking Homeward: Structures of Longing in Contemporary Video Art.


  • Prof Jackie Stacey
  • Dr Luke Skrebowski

Overview of PhD

This thesis considers contemporary video art that encounters notions of home in relation to displacement and loss. Using strategies particular to video, I argue work by artists including: Nazgol Ansarinia, Larissa Sansour, Richard Fung, and John Di Stefano encounter home through structures of longing that make visible and embrace the increasing precariousness of belonging in the context of shifting global relations, problematize exclusionary standards of belonging, and generate productive sites for forming new connections.


  • BA in Art History, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • MA in Art History, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • MA in Gender, Sexuality and Culture, University of Manchester


Email: janelle.hixon@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk