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Black and white sketch of archaeological dig


Rather than working in discrete research clusters we cover a wide range of overlapping strands of research.

The unique character of Archaeology research at Manchester results from the combination of theoretical sophistication, a concern with the contemporary social and political context of the discipline, and a commitment to practical field and laboratory based investigations.  

This makes our research culture unusually coherent, and as a result, rather than being divided into a series of mutually-exclusive research clusters, we have a set of overlapping themes.

The work of individual staff contributes to, but is not limited to, a number of these research themes:

  • History, theory and practice of Archaeology (Melanie Giles, Julian Thomas)
  • The archaeology of cultural identity (Ina Berg, Hannah Cobb) 
  • Landscape, monuments and architecture (Ina Berg, Stuart Campbell,  Hannah Cobb, Melanie Giles, Julian Thomas) 
  • Technology and society (Ina Berg, Stuart Campbell, Elizabeth Healey) 
  • Death and the body (Stuart Campbell, Melanie Giles) 
  • Archaeological heritage and the contemporary significance of the past (Stuart Campbell, Hannah Cobb)