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Current PhD students

Postgraduate research students in Archaeology work on a wide range of topics.

Meet our current research students and find out what they're working on:

  • Caroline Barclay – ‘An Examination of the Significance of the Association of Animals with Human Burials in the Natufian and the PPN Levant’
  • Jane Barker – 'Equine Warriors: Harnessing the Power of Performance in Iron Age Britain'
  • Julie Birchenall – ‘Mesolithic Southern Britain: A View from the Axe Edge’
  • Sarah Botfield – ‘Representations of the Cultural and Natural World in Mid-Late Neolithic Ceramics’
  • Sarah Douglas – ‘Gender and Status on Prehistoric Cyprus: Rethinking Burial Data from the Middle Chalcolithic to the Late Cypriot Bronze Age’
  • Alathea Fernyhough – ‘Metalwork as Power: The Social, Symbolic and Socioeconomic Significance of Metals and Metalworking in Southern Mesopotamia 2,300-1,300 B.C.’
  • Matthew Hitchcock – ‘Iron Age Shields: A Critical Archaeological Approach to Martial Culture’
  • Catherine Jones – ‘Swords in Iron Age Britain’
  • Rosie Kenworthy – ‘New Dimensions in Early Mesopotamian Urban Environments'
  • Maria Katsimicha – ‘The 'Outsiders'. Investigating the Periphery of the 'Mycenaean World' via an Alternative Bioarchaeological Approach'
  • Steven Leech – ‘Affecting Spaces and Understanding Places: Engaging and Negotiating Cold War Heritage in Britain’
  • Giulia Muti – ‘Tracing Ancient Textiles: Production, Consumption and Social Uses in Bronze Age Cyprus'
  • Alison Ollier - 'What Economic Factors Influenced Stone Axe Production during the Neolithic Period at Graig Lwyd, near Penmaenmawr, North Wales?'
  • Stephen Poole – ‘Investigating the use of Chert Raw Materials on Earlier Mesolithic Sites in the Central Pennines and Rossendale Uplands’
  • Michelle Scott – ‘Ancient Identity and Modern Identification: A Re-Evaluation of Unprovenanced Objects as Storage of Memory and Identity, from Museum Egyptology Collections, that Relate to Kingship during Dynasty 0, c. 3200-3000 BC’
  • Ellon Souter – ‘Not Set in Stone: Understanding Community in Prehistoric Cyprus through Ground Stone Artefact Biographies’
  • Hanna Steyne Chamberlin – ‘A River Runs Through It: Enhancing our Understanding of 19th Century London through an Examination of the City's Riverside Archaeology’
  • Lois Stone – ‘Visibility of the Trans Community in LGBTQ Archives’
  • Marte Tollefsen – ‘Halting Death in its Tracks: Methodological and Interpretive Frameworks for Investigating Mummification in Iron Age Britain’
  • Charikleia Ainta Zikidi – ‘Marginal Bodies: Mortuary Practice and Identity in the West Peloponnese, Greece, from the Middle to the Late Bronze Age'