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Archaeological Science Network

Manchester's Science Network focuses on scientific archaeology and is dispersed across many units and faculties at The University of Manchester.

The Manchester Archaeological Science Network provides a focus within which multi-disciplinary research can be supported and inter-faculty discourse promoted within a new research community.

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Our expertise is diverse, and spans:

  • biomolecular archaeology,
  • archaeological materials analysis,
  • environmental analysis,
  • geoarchaeology.

There are clusters of researchers working in scientific archaeology in the Faculty of Life Sciences, the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences. 


  • To promote dialogue amongst academics in diverse schools through regular meetings, seminars and lectures.
  • To be a multi-disciplinary area of research both within the university and to the wider academic world.
  • To generate new grant proposals, provide research outcomes and increased grant income.
  • To maximise the potential for scientific archaeological research within The University.
  • To provide a new forum for discussion of new results and techniques within Manchester.
  • To facilitate inter-school and inter-faculty collaboration, on research projects and postgraduate study.