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About Archaeology at Manchester

An internationally recognised centre for social archaeology, providing students with knowledge and experience unlike any other University.

The Archaeology department has come together with the Classics & Ancient History department to form the new Department of Classics, Ancient History and Archaeology as of 1 September 2018.

The study of people lies at the heart of Manchester’s department of archaeology: from exploring how the Roman Empire used architecture as a political statement, to the origins of spirituality in Prehistoric Europe. Yet we also use scientific techniques to examine ancient objects, human remains and landscapes.

Study with us, and you’ll explore artefacts, architecture, ancient texts and beliefs using our well-equipped laboratories, our own departmental teaching collections, and the exclusive archives and curatorial expertise of Manchester Museum.

Our vibrant research addresses themes such as identity; place, landscape, and monumentality; history, theory, and philosophy; material culture and social practice; social complexity and the development of state-organised societies; and archaeological heritage and the social significance of the past.