Meet the team in Art History and Cultural Practices.

Departmental Statement

We, the staff of the Department of Art History and Cultural Practices at The University of Manchester, abhor racism and are committed to redressing the issues of discrimination and racialised disadvantage within our disciplines and our own teaching and research practice, and to decolonising our curriculum. We are determined to produce a departmental culture which welcomes and supports BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and disabled students and staff, and where everyone is equally recognised and can flourish.

We attract the very best talent, and our staff are both international and internationally recognised.

Our inspiring academics can give our students first-hand access to cutting-edge research and real-world knowledge to take with them after graduation.

Head of Art History and Cultural Practices

  • Dr Cordelia Warr - Senior Lecturer in Medieval and Renaissance Italian Art History

Staff - Art History

Staff - Institute for Cultural Practices

  • Dr Kostas Arvanitis - Senior Lecturer in Museology and Director of Institute for Cultural Practices
  • Dr Victoria Barker - Research Associate in Creative Economy
  • Dr Jenna Ashton - Lecturer in Heritage Studies
  • Dr Abigail Gilmore - Senior Lecturer in Arts Management (Research Officer)
  • Dr Andrew Hardman - Lecturer in Cultural Practices
  • Dr Emma Martin - Lecturer in Museology (PGR Officer)
  • Dr Simon Parry - Lecturer in Drama and Arts Management
  • Dr Catherine Roberts - Lecturer in Cultural Practices
  • Dr Leandro Valiati - Lecturer in Arts and Cultural Management
  • Dr Biyun Zhu - Lecturer in Arts and Cultural Management

Staff - Centre for Digital Humanities, Cultures and Media

  • Dr Luca Scholz - Lecturer in Digital Humanities (Digital and European History)
  • Dr Claire Reddleman - Lecturer in Digital Humanities (Contemporary Art and Digital Culture)

Honorary professors

  • Dr Maria Balshaw CBE - Director of Tate (formerly Director of the Whitworth, University of Manchester and Manchester City Galleries)
  • Alistair Hudson - Director of the Whitworth and Manchester Art Gallery and Honorary Professor of Useful Art
  • Dr Nick Merriman - Chief Executive and Director of the Horniman Museum and Gardens (formerly Director of The Manchester Museum)
  • Esme Ward - Director of The Manchester Museum and Honorary Professor of Heritage Futures


  • Prof Helen Rees Leahy - Professor in Museology
  • Prof Roger Ling - Professor of Classical Art and Archaeology
  • Prof David Lomas - Professor of Art History
  • Prof Carol Mavor - Professor of Art History
  • Mr David O'Connor - Lecturer in Art History
  • Dr Tom Rasmussen - Senior Lecturer in Art History
  • Prof Marcia Pointon - Professor Emerita in History of Art