Student interpreter wins second prize in Brussels

On Sunday, 18 May 2014, David M, trainee interpreter on the MA in Conference Interpreting (MACINT), won second prize at the European Parliament's Best Student Interpreter Competition in Brussels.

European Parliament's Best Student Interpreter Competition

This is David's account of the experience of scooping silver, and of his time at The University of Manchester:

"The course at Manchester has helped me prepare for life as a conference interpreter. The gradual progression of difficulty is matched with excellent practical advice from trainers and a solid theoretical background. We all felt ready and able to perform well at the European Parliament Best Student Interpreter Competition, having had various opportunities to use simultaneous interpreting in and outside a classroom setting. On the day, there were four of us from Manchester and a total of 22 participants. We were split into two groups and had to interpret directly from the speaker, or from relay in French if we did not speak the original. This meant it was quite intense as there was very little time to rest! The speakers discussed the upcoming elections and what was at stake for Europe. A lively and amusing debate ensued, adding pressure but also a sense of purpose to our interpreting. It was a fantastic experience and I was shocked and delighted to earn second place. The Manchester quartet were congratulated as a group for their standard of interpretation. The aim for us all now is to focus on the dissertation and then EU/UN tests or moving into the private market."