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School of Arts, Languages and Cultures

Rapa Nui moai replicas

Two Rapa Nui moai replicas have come to reside in the Mansfield Cooper building, one on the third floor and one on the fourth.

These two Moai replicas were made for the "Making Monuments on Rapa Nui. The Statues from Easter Island" exhibition in the Manchester Museum (1 April - 6 September 2015). Making Monuments looked at how the statues and their top-knots (known as pukao) were made, the role they played in the lives of the islanders, how they were quarried and transported across the island, and what they mean. It also deconstructs some of the myths about the island, and discuss current theories about the decline of this astonishing culture.

Following the end of the exhibition, the two replicas were moved to the Mansfield Cooper Building of the University of Manchester, where the departments of Archaeology, Art History and Visual Studies, Museology and Arts Management are based. By giving the two replicas 'voices' on social media, we aim to continue engaging with and build on some of the themes of the exhibition and issues it raised and encourage students and staff to find out more about the original monumental stone statues of Rapa Nui.

Watch this space about this initiative!

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