Are we Charlie?

A round-table discussion took place on Friday, 30 January 2015 to contextualise the recent Paris killings and their consequences. Academic presentations were followed by an open debate. An audio recording of the event is now available to listen to below.

Guest speaker

Olivier Cyran (Paris-based free-lance journalist; former collaborator with Charlie-Hebdo, 1991-2001). Please note: O. Cyran left Charlie-Hebdo in 2001 in disagreement with its editorial line, which he considered as prejudiced against French Muslims. He discusses the fraught place of secularism in French journalism.

Other speakers

  • Jonathan Ervine (French Studies, Bangor) 'Comedy, Controversy and Consensus in France'
  • Ravi Hensman (History, Manchester) 'Blaming the Banlieues: a Suburban Perspective'
  • Emmanuel-Pierre Guittet (Politics, Manchester) 'The temptation of a Patriot Act à la française… Ain’t we learnt nothing yet?'
  • Hatsuki Aishima (Middle Eastern Studies, Manchester) 'Which Muslim perspective?'
  • Moshe Behar (Middle Eastern Studies, Manchester) 'Thoughts on killing and the killed'

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Please note that Olivier Cyran's speech is in French.

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