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Make new friends and see the world as a student ambassador

19 December 2017

SALC graduate Jessica Stevens describes how working as a Student Ambassador for the Manchester International Summer School helped her make new friends and encouraged her to study and work abroad.

The Manchester International Summer School is an academic summer programme that allows international students to study in the School for three weeks in July each year. In addition to attending lectures and seminars, visiting students are encouraged to attend social activities organised by current SALC students to enable them to explore Manchester and experience student life. As well as providing paid work experience for current students, it gives them the opportunity to get to know students from around the world and explore differences and similarities in cultures, lifestyle and plans for the future. 

girls reunited

One of our 2016 student ambassadors, Jessica Stevens, enjoyed getting to know Sungkyunkwan University students Hae Ri Kim, Hyunmin Cho, and Jeong Min Ahn so much that they kept in touch and arranged a reunion in Seoul! 

Jessica writes:

"In my final year as a student at The University of Manchester, I had the privilege of working as a Student Ambassador for the 2016 International Summer School. Personally, it was, and remains, one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever done. I remember coming home after each day I worked, genuinely happy that I had met, helped and laughed with so many international students.

I had been interested in South Korean pop and traditional culture for a few years prior to the Summer School, so when I met the three South Korean students who were taking part in the Summer School, I couldn’t help but get to know them.

Just under a year later I travelled to South Korea and met up with the same three students, now as friends. They helped me explore Seoul, just as I had helped them when I was an ambassador, and I was incredibly grateful.

For me it was South Korea, but for you it might be the US, the rest of Europe, China, Hong Kong, Japan and so many more countries. Really take advantage of the international aspect of the Summer School and don’t be afraid to share stories and meals with your international peers.

Currently I am preparing to move to South Korea after being accepted to teach English with the EPIK Programme (English Programme in Korea). This has been an option floating around in my head for a few years now and has already been quite an intense journey, but I am glad I will know a few friendly faces around South Korea as I begin this terrifying but exciting new chapter." 

For more information about the Manchester International Summer School please visit our website:

Student Ambassadors are recruited in May/June – current SALC UG or PG students can email to register interest in these roles.

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