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Watch some of our PhD students make 'elevator pitches' as they explain their theses in short video presentations

Elevator pitches


Find out more about the PhD students who feature in the elevator pitch videos:

Sarah Botfield, PhD in Archaeology

I am studying part-time for a PhD in Archaeology at the University of Manchester and my thesis is entitled 'Representations of the Natural and Cultural World in Mid-Late Neolithic Ceramics'.
Although interested in all periods of history and prehistory, it is the Neolithic period I am most drawn to. 

I completed an MPhil at the University of Birmingham, 'Grooved Ware Pottery In the Upper Thames Valley: Context and Design', in 2011 which left me with so many questions I wanted to answer that the most natural step was therefore a PhD, hence my thesis subject.

I also work part-time in the heritage sector as a Historic Environment Records Officer for a local unitary authority and am also an active member of a local Archaeological Group and have been involved in several excavations spanning the Bronze Age, Early Medieval, Medieval and Post Medieval periods.

Stefano Locatelli, PhD in Economic and Social History

I am currently reading for a PhD in Economic and Social History at the University of Manchester. Previously, I studied History (BA) and Historical Sciences (MA) at the University of Milan, where I met Professor Lucia Travaini and her passion for Medieval Numismatics, which is also mine now. I collaborated on several projects involving the University of Milan and other institutions, such as the Coin and Medal Department of The British Museum, for which I am volunteering. Finally, I am an alumnus of the School of Archival Science, Palaeography and Diplomatics of the State Archives of Milan.

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Eleanor Jones, PhD in Portuguese Studies

I am a final-year PhD student in Portuguese Studies at the University of Manchester. My PhD thesis, provisionally entitled 'Out of the Iron House: Deconstructing Gender and Sexuality in Mozambican National Literature', examines the work of six Mozambican authors credited with laying the foundations of the country's postindependence literature.

While my current focus is principally on Mozambique, my research interests extend across the Lusophone world. Following the completion of the PhD, I hope to develop a project exploring the role of science and medicine in the organisation of race, gender, and sexuality in colonial and postindependence Lourenço Marques/Maputo.

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Rachel Winchcombe, PhD in History

I completed my BA and MA in History and Early Modern History at the University of Sheffield before moving to the University of Manchester in 2013 to begin my AHRC funded PhD project under the supervision of Dr Sasha Handley and Dr Jenny Spinks. My project, provisionally entitled 'Savagery and Civilisation: English Representations of America in English Print Culture, 1492-1607', examines the ways in which English writers and explorers collected, collated, and disseminated information and descriptions of the newly discovered lands of America, analysing how this information and knowledge was then applied to the English colonial enterprise.

Rajbharat Patta, PhD in Religions and Theology

My research tests the relevance of Christian faith in the Indian Public Sphere. The term ‘public’ has been problematic, for there has been lots of ambiguity and fluidity to the term and therefore ‘which public’ and ‘whose public’ came to the fore in my discussion. If you are interested in my work please feel free to get in touch with me or if you are working on similar projects I look forward to mutual and collaborative learning from you.

Maria Montt Strabucchi, PhD Latin American Cultural Studies

I am a final-year PhD student in Latin American Cultural Studies at The University of Manchester. My research focuses on how Latin American writers have represented China and Chinese in their texts, shedding light on their imaginaries on China and the ‘Orient,’ thus engaging with discussions which explore the influence and role of China in Latin America. I studied History as an undergraduate at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and completed an MA in Chinese Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. My research interests include Chinese-Latin American cultural, economic and political relations, poststructuralist and postcolonial theories, and cosmopolitanism. I am also interested in geographical, political and temporal echoes, and reformulations of ideas, beliefs and imaginaries in transnational contexts.

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