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History courses

Explore our degree courses, master's degrees and PhD programmes.

Undergraduate courses 2018

Undergraduate courses 2017

  • Ancient History and History (3 Years) [BA]
  • Archaeology and History (3 Years) [BA]
  • English Literature and History (3 Years) [BA]
  • History (3 Years) [BA]
  • History and American Studies (3 Years) [BA]
  • History and Arabic (4 Years) [BA]
  • History and French (4 Years) [BA]
  • History and German (4 Years) [BA]
  • History and Italian (4 Years) [BA]
  • History and Portuguese (4 Years) [BA]
  • History and Russian (4 Years) [BA]
  • History and Sociology (3 Years) [BA]
  • History and Spanish (4 Years) [BA]
  • History of Art and History (3 Years) [BA]
  • Modern History with Economics (3 Years) [BA]
  • Politics and Modern History (3 Years) [BA]


Taught master's courses

The following History taught master's courses are open to future students:

As a postgraduate student, you'll follow specialist pathways under the generic MA History degree programme:

PhD programmes

Become part of a talented, energetic, committed and supportive academic and postgraduate community in the following programmes: