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Current PhD students

  • Peter Bjorklund - 'The Karen People in Burma and Britain: Refugees, identity and memories.'
  • Jacob Bloomfield - 'Heroines, Queens, Goddesses and Glamazons: Theatrical Male Cross-Dressing Performance in 20th Century London.'
  • Isaac Boothroyd - 'The Gens Anglorum or the Gens Normannorum? The emergence of English identity among middling Normans, 1130-60.'
  • Louise Clare - 'Transnational and Cultural Comparisons of those involved in the Falklands War.'
  • Jessica Coatesworth - 'The Historians and Historiography of St Albans in Manuscript and Print, c. 1200 - 1686.'
  • Grant Collier - 'A Social History of the Styal Estate'
  • Daniel Edmonds - 'Race and the Communist Movement in Britain, c.1900- 1929.'
  • Ryan T. Goodman - 'Kingship, Morality, and Masculinity: The Creation of Royal Identities in Later Anglo-Saxon England, c. 871-1016.'
  • Rebecca Griffiths - 'Mercia and England in the 10th and 11th centuries; a re-assessment.'
  • Anna Henderson - 'Through the Eye of the Needle: Reconfiguring British Isles History as Narrative Embroidery.'
  • Olivia Havercroft - 'Agoraphobia and urban space in England, 1880-1914'
  • Alexander Hurlow - 'Norman Identity in Capetian France (1204-c.1400): The Chronique de Normandie and Etablissements de Rouen.'
  • Sihong Lin - 'Ecclesiastical Networks and the Papacy at the End of Late Antiquity, c.550-700.'
  • Stefano Locatelli - 'The Early History of the Florin.'
  • Nicholas Loizou - 'Before New Liberalism: The continuity of radical dissent, 1867-1891.'
  • Julia Maclachlan - 'Male Homosexuality 1945-70: Transnational Scientific and Social Knowledge in British and west European contexts.'
  • Rachatapong Malithong - 'News from Burmah: the Role of the English Press in the Making of the British Empire in Burma.'
  • Katarzyna Nowak - 'Reshaping Bodies, Behaviours and Minds: Polish Displaced Persons in Refugee Camps after World War II.'
  • Sami Pinarbasi - 'Manchester and West Indian Slavery 1700-1838.'
  • Michael Potter - 'The Jokes on Who?': Comedy and the construction of English identities, c. 1945 – 1970.'
  • Hannah Robb - 'Reconfiguring the role of credit in fifteenth-century England.'
  • Lewis Ryder - 'Mandarins in Manchester: Networks, Authenticity and Projections of China in the Art Collections of John Hilditch (1872-1930)'
  • Michael Smith - 'The Affective Communities of Protestantism in the North West of England, 1660-1730.'
  • Courtney Stickland - 'The Child Detective in British Culture and Society, 1900-1950.'
  • Ria Sunga - 'The History, Experience and Commemoration of Refugees and Asylum-Seekers in the Philippines in the 20th Century'
  • Tom Wroblewski - 'Demonic Possession, Embodiment, and the Life-Cycle in Early Modern England and France.'