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Classics and Ancient History

Man working at desk in the John Rylands library

Current PhD students

  • Julene Abad Del Vecchio - 'Statius' Achilleid and its literary tradition'. Supervised by Prof. Alison Sharrock
  • Rosalind Batten - 'Interpretations of women and gynaecology in the Arabic Commentaries on the Hippocratic Aphorisms'. Supervised by Prof. Peter Pormann
  • Francesco Camagni - 'The language of the ancient Mediterranean'. Supervised by Prof. David Langslow
  • Laura Chambers - 'Beyond the veil: the influence of female exempla on constructions of ‘ordinary’ women within the epistolary genre of early imperial Rome'. Supervised by Dr Ruth Morello
  • Despoina Christou - 'A Commentary on Ovid's Fasti, V.1-378'.  Supervised by Prof. Roy Gibson
  • Sam Fernes - 'Ageing and withdrawal from work amongst the non-elite in the Roman world'. Supervised by Prof. Tim Parkin
  • Silvannen Gerrard - 'The Cavalry of the Seleucid Empire and its “Exotic” Supplements: Cultural Interactions in Hellenistic Warfare'. Supervised by Dr Andy Fear
  • Rosie Jackson - 'Sex, Salvation and Sacrifice:  Female Bodies and Identity in the Christian World of Late Antiquity'. Supervised by Prof. Tim Parkin and Dr Peter Oakes
  • Katharine Mawford - 'Changing Shapes and Fluid Forms: Ambiguous and Artificial Bodies in Greek Literature'. Supervised by Dr Andrew Morrison
  • Leo Mitchell - 'Balancing the books: an institutional approach to Roman Collegia'. Supervised by Prof. Tim Parkin
  • William Mundy - 'An examination of documentary papyri from early Roman Euhemeria'. Supervised by Dr Roberta Mazza
  • Eleni Ntanou - 'Ovid and Virgil's pastoral poetry'. Supervised by Prof. Alison Sharrock
  • Guy Williams - 'I, Roman: Identity in Ammianus Marcellinus'. Supervised by Dr Andrew Fear and Prof. Kate Cooper